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September 15, 2014


The fall walleye bite is progressing slowly!

Cold fronts and unstable weather has made the walleye bite very unpredictable so far this fall.

The fish will be biting well in a spot one day and then totally gone the next day!

Many of the good fall locations still do not have many fish on them.

Minnows and crawlers on lindys or on jigs have been working well when you find the fish.

The Small Mouth Bass bite has been very good on the deeper rock reefs and steep, deep rocky shorelines.

A few pike are starting to show up in the walleye areas, so they are starting to move deeper also.


Good Fishing!


The Lake Vermilion Guides League


August 04, 2014


The walleye bite the past week has been very good on most of the lake.

Leeches and crawlers fished on a bait rig is still the most productive presentation.

Mid- lake reefs with some rock and sand mixture are the best locations. Fish the tops and slopes of these reefs in 16' to 26' depths.

There have been a lot of reports of a very good blue gill bite comming from the West end of the lake this week. 8" to10" gills have been biting very well on small leeches fished on top of the rocky reefs and point at depths up to 30 feet deep.

There were also a couple reports of good crappies being caught on the West end of the lake.

Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass are still biting well.

There have been very few reports on the Pike and Musky action this week.

Good Fishing!

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More nasty weather fronts have made the fishing a real challenge for most of the fishermen this past week! It has been very windy with a mixture of rain and sunshine all week.


The walleye bite has still been fairly good when we have been able to get out on the main lake reefs and rocky shorelines.


Slip bobbers and rigs fished with a leech or 1/2 crawler is still the best presentation. Adding a small float next to the hook on your bait rig really helps to avoid snagging in the rocks and also adds a little attraction and encourages more bites. 


The Small Mouth Bass bite has really been on fire this week also!

Jigs and plastics pitched into the shallow Southern shorelines on reefs and islands has been producing as many as 30 to 50 fish a day for some anglers! 


The average water temperature has been around 65 degrees all week.


Good Fishing!

Lake Vermilion Guides League






When deciding on which lake to fish this year make sure you try Lake Vermilion if you haven't already. You will find one of the heftiest populations of large walleye in years according to the latest fish survey conducted by the DNR. The results come from test netting done last fall.

The DNR caught an average of 18.2 Walleye per test on Lake Vermilion in late 2013, well above the long-term average of 14.5 and the fish were larger, with an average length of 14.2 inches, again well above the long term trend.

The catch of 17-21 inch walleye was exceptional according to the report. The solid survey results reflected strong year classes from 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011, when walleye survival was particularly strong according to the DNR.

The abundance or larger walleye likely reflects a very strong year class in 2006 and 2007, as well as the impact of protected 17-24 inch slot limit implemented by the DNR in 2006.





Winter 2013 -14



JAN 3, 2014 Last report for this year! The walleye bite has picked up the past few days after it got frigid cold out again. Go figure! Very poor bite during the warm spell that we had.Jigging spoons with a minnow head and set lines baited with a shiner or a pike sucker are both working well.The bite is an early morning and late evening bite only for me. 26 feet to 30 feet depths are best.Travel conditions are slowly improving on the lake also. Still a few bad slush holes out there though. There is finally a decent road plowed out as far as Birch Island.Still very little snowmobile travel happening on the lake,which is surprising as the groomed woods trails are in great condition.Good Fishing!Cliff


12/7/13 Time to start my winter fishing,ice conditions,snow depth, etc. reports again so here it goes!I finally got out on the ice for my first trip on Nov., 30.Ice conditions were perfect! There was 6-1/2 inches of solid clear ice with about 1 inch of cover snow on it.We fished close to a sand reef in 27' to 31' of water.We used both jigging spoons and tip-ups baited with chubs, shiners, and pike suckers.The early and late day bites were definitely the best times.The walleyes had a preference for just the head of a chub or a small crappie sized minnow on the jigging rods.The tip-ups produced about 1/2 of our fish. They either had a plain pink hook or a gold/perch colored Eye Dropper jig on them. Shiners were the best bait but the pike suckers caught the largest walleye, a fat 25 inch fish!We iced 23 walleyes the first day!Day Two.  Cliff


12/1/13 A much slower bite today!Fished until about noon by myself and ! managed to keep 4 walleyes and 2 perch for supper. Delicious!Day Three.


12/2/13 7 inches of ice today.Had about 8 people with me today.A very good bite early in the day but it really tapered off by 10:00am and most of the guys left.We did manage to ice 17 walleyes, 5 perch, 1 pike, and a nice whitefish though.Day 4.


12/3/13 Still 7 inches of ice and starting to snow.Fished with a fellow guide, Doug Knoer, this morning.The walleyes were snapping with the storm front moving in! We had steady action on our jigging rods and tip-ups until about 11:00am when I got a call from my wife saying that our water heater had sprung a bad leak!That ended that trip quickly!We iced a total of 15 walleyes, 1 pike and 2 perch and kept our limits of walleyes along with the 23" pike and the 2 Jumbo perch.The snow storm increased that day and dumped about 10" of snow on top of the ice in the next couple of days.! 12/7/13Managed to get out and check ice conditions today! and found some slush close to shore but dry ice out past that. Hope that it stays that way!10 degrees below zero last night with below zero weather predicted all week.Hope to get my permanent houses out early next week if we get a couple more inches of ice and no more slush develops.Cliff