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From residential to commercial, 20-pound cylinders to large bulk tanks, Lakes Gas is a dedicated provider of propane and energy services to customers in Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and the Dakotas. We supply propane to industrial locations and manufacturers. We support farms and greenhouses in the agricultural sector. We provide temporary construction heat, fuel forklifts, refill cylinders and meet your home heating needs.


We make our services simple with automatic scheduled propane deliveries and online payments. We’re also available with 24/7 emergency service.


Since 1959, Lakes Gas has been serving customers all over America’s great Midwest. From Minnesota and Wisconsin to Michigan and South Dakota, we keep families warm and businesses running with reliable propane services and great prices.

Our dedication to our Midwest residential and commercial propane customers has helped us continue to grow. In 2014, we were named 12th on the list of top 50 U.S. propane gas companies in theFebruary issue of LP Gas.

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Lakes Gas Co

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Telephone: 218-666-2138